Hi —my name is Leticia Romano, but please call me Leti. It saves time and it’s more fun. I'm an Art Director currently at Droga NYC.


Email: lroma006@gmail.com



D&AD Wood Pencil- Edchup

PHNX Tribute Award x2 Gold - Edchup 

PHNX Tribute Award x4 Bronze - Edchup 

D&AD Shortlist- Edchup

One Show Merit- Edhup

Effie Finalist (TBD)-Impossible Whopper



One Show Silver Pencil- The Obituary Project

ADDYS Miami Silver- The Obituary Project

Summit Creative Award Gold- Crayola Inner Colors

Summit Creative Award Silver- Dog Found

Summit Creative Award Bronze- The Obituary Project

Creative Conscience Award Winner- The Obituary Project



Miami Ad School Top Dog Golden Paw:

The Obituary Project

Cool Kid on the Block

No Days Off

Fruits and Vegetables